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UKOG sets out plans for the Weald and Isle of Wight - June 28th


  • Article In County Press Friday June 6th 2019   On This Link


  • May/ June 2019

UKOG - Letter to "On The Wight"  Read Here our letter to Landowners -
read UKOG's response and read here our rebuttal- which sadly has not been posted by
On The Wight!

  • April 2019 

Consultants from UKOG met with Arreton Parish Council in early April

"UKOG did come and give an hour long briefing to the Parish Council last Wednesday.  Notes on what was said will be on the PC website once we finalise them at our next meeting on 13 May.

We were told that the drilling site had not been finalised but that they hope to submit a planning application by July.  Prior to that they said they will hold a public meeting. " Martin Kimber - Arreton Parish Council.

CLICK HERE to read meeting notes


WATCH FROM 4.30 minutes in - UKOG CEO speaks of Drilling Plans for Arreton in 2019

New questions UKOG  rules out acid injection in Weald wells- True or Not?




FFIOW note

The Kimmeridge formation has tight oil and is a Micrite formation which is a form of shale so Matrix Acidisation or Acid Fracking for production may be needed to release economic yields of oil.

More about the geology here.

More about forms of  Acidisation Here


February 4th   Possible Arreton 3 Site discovered through UKOG tweet!

On Monday UKOG posted a tweet regarding their visit to the Isle of Wight and  Arreton. It can be viewed here

Having investigated and visited the same site, located its position on the map and investigated it through the land registry, we can now confirm the location of the photograph. Link here

However  despite the Online Echo reporting that the site is confirmed this has not yet been confirmed by UKOG.  This tweet could well be a notion to keep their investors happy. We are aware that Pre - Planning discussions with IWC officers have taken place but they are refusing to reveal any details of the discussion through Freedom Of Information requests and appeals by FFIOW. They claim that the information is commercially sensitive.

We continue to investigate.




WATCH - Drone Video of Horse Hill - Stephen Sanderson VOICE OVER  compares HH to Arreton Prospect on The Isle of Wight


2018 - Chairman's Statement 29.6.2018

Excerpt Only​ Below


(PEDL331, UKOG 65%, P1916 UKOG 100%)

Sites for the Arreton-3 appraisal well and an Arreton South exploration well have now been finalised. The Arreton-3 site lease is currently under negotiation, and the plan is to submit a planning application by the end of Summer 2018 for drilling targeted towards the end of 2019.


Offshore licence P1916 (UKOG 100%) was relinquished due to low technical/economic potential, environmental sensitivity of the site and to focus upon the higher reward, technically more robust, lower risk discovered oil of the onshore Arreton discovery and satellite prospects.

Offshore Licence P1916 confirmed by the OGA to have been dropped by UKOG.

Offshore Licence P1916 -  UKOG publicly announces  this licence is dropped - 6 weeks after the event .


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