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Seismic Testing

There are 3 Phases in the construction of any wellsite, Exploration, Appraisal and Production and these apply to both types of oil and gas extraction.

However seismic testing comes first, please read below before linking through to more detail about Conventional or Unconventional Wells at the bottom of the page.

Before any drilling takes place the chosen oil play area is usually reassessed,  using 2D or 3D seismic technology to give detail of the geology and its contents.

Put in simple terms seismic analysis can be achieved using 'Thumper Trucks' which pound the surface; or by the ignition of  explosive charges weighing up to several kilos, which are buried up to 8 metres down.

The sound waves created by the shocks bounce back as an echo,  which are captured by an array of electronic sensors set across the surrounding surface area. These are then recorded, analysed and mapped.

Planning permission is not required,  but communities and individuals owning land listed for this activity, must be informed by the operator of the licence and landowners must give permission for this to take place.

If you spot any strange looking sensors, or see workers laying cable, markers or devices  in the neighbourhood, ask them what they are doing and if they have permission to do it!  BE NOSEY!

If in doubt contact your local parish or town council and also please



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