Submitting Artwork

Great, hopefully you're here because you are interested in contributing artwork that could be used in our ongoing activities to oppose drilling for oil and gas here on the Isle of Wight - Thank you.


Here are the Terms and Conditions together with some guidelines that should help you to submit work that fits our needs and is easy for us to review.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Pieces submitted must be your own original work and clearly traceable to you as the artist.

  2. Any work submitted will be deemed as available for FFIOW to use free of charge or restriction; in print, on garments, banners, placards, online or elsewhere as required.

  3. Submitting a piece of work does not mean that it will be used.

  4. Satire is welcomed but offensive or abusive material will be rejected.

  5. The top 6 suitable and appropriate entries (as judged by the FFIOW panel) will receive a free Tee Shirt bearing their design in a size/colour of their choice (from the standard range available). These designs will also be made available to order online from an ethical supplier using either organic cotton or 50% recycled cotton and printed in a solar powered factory here on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

  6. The closing date for entries is 30th April 2020.

  7. The organisers reserve the right to extend the submission period at their discretion.




Think about what would work well on a Tee Shirt or placard, something that makes an impact, provokes comment or debate...



  • Fracking is not the immediate threat - we are NOT looking for anti-fracking art.


  • We ARE looking for eye catching images to convey the concerns that many people have, threats to the Island's landscape, wildlife, water supplies, food production areas and climate impacts etc.


  • We are primarily appealing for images that are suitable for printing on Tee Shirts, the use could however extend to banners, placards, posters or inclusion in social media posts etc. 


  • Contributions from all ages are welcome, in all styles. This is a great chance for local people to express their passionately held views on this topic and for artists to showcase their work to a wide audience. 


  • Colour paintings or monochrome, pencil drawings, cartoons and digital images in any art style, even simple poems -  all submissions will be reviewed and considered for use in upcoming campaigns and protests.


Technical stuff


In the first instance..
Please submit a digital image of your work to this email address

This could be a simple photo of a drawing/painting or for the more technically minded it could be a file generated from a digital design or editing program  (See details below marked *)

When submitting work please include the following information:


A)  Name

B)  Age (If under 18 - optional for older entrants!)

C)  Alternative contact details i.e. phone number/address (other than the email address used to submit the work.)


NOTE:  We realise that some people will likely draw or paint on paper, canvas or other physical media and may not have access to advanced digital technology.

In these cases just send us a clear photo of your work and we will come back to you with help if necessary to produce an image compatible with modern digital printing techniques.


* For the technically minded the recommended standard for printing on clothing is: 


  • Artwork in PNG24 format with a transparent background. If using Adobe Photoshop you can save your artwork as a PNG24 file by clicking on ‘Save for Web & Devices’ when saving.


  • Before saving your design make sure your artwork is set at 300dpi, in sRBG colour profile and is within the max print area diameter of 29 x 39cm to get the maximum quality print.




Please write to and we will do our best to help you.

All Information and Links on this website are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and relevant to date.

If you notice anything you know to be incorrect or have further information, please contact us.