'Don't Frack The Commonweal' Wheel

Forest of Dean artist Tom Cousins toured England's community and water protection groups making spokes for an 8 spoke wheel which was presented to anti fracking supporting Peers at the House of Lords in Wesminster on November 20th 2017.

The idea is to use a forgotten craft (bodging), to make an iconic symbol of an archaic concept (the commonweal) and then present it to the ancient institution that it forged but has mostly forgotten (Westminster). It was a great day and our thanks to him for organising the trip and allowing us to participate.  

In the Summer Tom helped us create our spoke along with members of the public at the Garlic Farm. Our thanks to Colin Boswell for hosting us there and for doing a bit of bodging himself.

Photos of the trip to Westminster and the spoke making day are in the gallery below.

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