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Next Public Meeting - Sunday February 9th

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PDF Copy with details of oil sites planned for the island

Meeting on Tuesday 10th December -

Article in County Press and Letter to Editor

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PLEASE SIGN.... Brockham Oil Watch Letter to Government Ministers to also ban extreme methods of unconventional oil extraction and share widely to everyone who supports the drive to prevent this happening across the UK.
Read this Article "UK government’s fracking ‘ban’ has a convenient loophole" from  Peter Styles, Professor Emeritus in Geophysics, Keele University. Professor Styles is frequently called to advise the government and he was instrumental in creating the Traffic Light System for managing of induced seismicity:

Campaigners Challenging UKOG’s Oil Expansion Plans at Horse Hill Need Our Help!









Frack Free Isle of Wight and campaign groups across Surrey and Sussex believe these plans,  approved by Surrey County Council,  failed to consider important evidence on issues including climate change, earthquake risk and impact on the Green Belt.

Sarah Finch, from Weald Action Group and Frack Free Surrey, has secured an expert team of leading environmental lawyers, to fight this via a Judicial Review.  You can help them and Our Island for the future by donating to their fundraiser to challenge this decision.
Despite working for a fraction of their usual fees, fighting through the courts is not cheap and they need to raise £25,000
The success of this judicial review could help set a precedent for decision making on future planning for UKOG well sites here at Arreton.


Please donate today and share widely! Every £1 counts

Your donation will only be processed if they reach their target.



BREAKING NEWS. Permitted Development for exploratory wells and inclusion of exploration as part of the National Significant Infrastructure Project strategy is now off the table!

We are delighted that this moratorium has been put into place and look forward to seeing the results of further investigation into the myriad impacts of fracking activity.

Whilst the government announcement that it is withdrawing support for fracking isn't bad news, a word of caution.  Be aware that a moratorium is not a ban. A hugely important distinction to make in light of all the headlines.

The Government release states "..the OGA believes that further detailed geomechanical analysis would be needed before we could evaluate with confidence whether hydraulic fracturing could resume in the Fylde, or elsewhere, consistent with the government’s policy aims."

However we now await the further investigation of the consequences of other froms of unconventional exploration,such as those at Horse Hill, which remain linked to the Newdigate swarm of earthquakes.

Given the call for an early general election, delays in decision making over the future of Fracking and other forms of fossil fuel extraction are inevitable.

We will continue to fight for other unconventional methods of oil extraction, which we believe will be planned for the Isle of Wight, to be included in such a moratorium.

PEDL 331

July 2016

200 square kms of the Isle of Wight are licensed for oil extraction. 

We anticipate planning applications to be made by UK Oil and Gas Ltd to the Isle of Wight Council during 2019/2020 beginning with Arreton.    

UK Oil and Gas are now actively preparing to drill wells in Arreton in 2020
November 2018 
UKOG announces that Arreton Similar to their Horse Hill site but  is 4 times larger and contains more oil.
In the INVESTOR Video below CEO of UKOG Stephen Sanderson, speaks of the need for industrialisation, stimulation and multiple horizontal wells in multiple well sites  to access the oil in Horse Hill.

February 2019

This Tweet appeared after UKOG met with IWC cabinet members and the local ward member and began negotiations with a landowner.

This Google Image shows the position of the photograph in the Tweet in Arreton and a possible location for a well site named either 

Arreton Main or Arreton North or Arreton 3



March 15th 2019

This is from latest UKOG end of year company summary

  • Late spring 2019: Apply for planning permission to drill and test exploration well, to be called Arreton-3


  • Early 2020: Drill and test Arreton-3 in Portland and Kimmeridge (strata)


  • Date not given: If Arreton-3 is successful, drill and carry out long-term test of horizontal sidetrack, Arreton-3z

  • Date not given: If Arreton-3 is encouraging, drill, core, test vertical pilot well in Arreton South prospect

  • Date not given: If Arreton South pilot well is encouraging, drill and test horizontal sidetrack


 April 2019


UKOG held a briefing meeting with  Arreton Parish Council.

Click on the link above for the minutes of the meeting


August 2019

UKOG announces Third Prospect "Arreton East" and extends licence by 2 years. Drill or Drop Report

Read our press release HERE

Read County Press Article  HERE

Locations are - to date- still unconfirmed but below is a map indicating the extent of the oil prospects. CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW

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